Wide behind the mountains of words, far from the lands of vowels and Consonants live the dummy texts. They live in seclusion in Buchstabhausen on the coast of the Semantik, a large linguistic ocean. A small stream called Duden flows through their village and supplies them with the necessary regulations. It is a paradisiacal country where fried sentence fragments fly into your mouth. Not even from the the blind texts are dominated by omnipotent punctuation – a almost unorthographic life. One day, however, a small line of dummy text, her name was Lorem Ipsum, to go out into the wide Grammar. The great Oxmox advised her against it, as it was teeming with nasty commas, wild question marks and sneaky semicolons, but the Blindtextchen was not deterred. It packed its seven Versalien, slipped his initial into his belt and set off on the Way. When it had climbed the first hills of the Italic Mountains, it threw one last look back at the skyline of his home town Buchstabhausen, the headline of Alphabetdorf and the subline of its own street, the Zeilengasse. Wistfully, he ran a rhetorical question on the cheek, then continued on its way. On the way it hit a copy. The copy warned the dummy text that where it came from would be them