Articles of Association & Annual Reports

The Plume association was officially founded on November 24, 2018. The board trio consisting of Kurt Bucher (President), Dagmar Cadonau (Treasurer) and Gian Cadonau (Actuary) has everything in order – but is above all in practical action for the boundless circus game.

We look forward to the upcoming projects and your support.


Purpose of the association


  • Promotion and support of circus projects, circus schools and circus in open child and youth work aimed at disadvantaged children and young people. Especially in refugee camps, children’s homes, politically isolated regions, crisis areas or the Third World.
  • The support can be purely financial, but also through the supply of materials, props, costumes and other materials and consumables.
  • In exceptional cases, contributions may be made to infrastructure projects that make circus activities possible in the first place.
  • Expenses and minimal compensation are paid to specialists from Switzerland who pass on their knowledge directly to the local workers, children and young people.
  • In the spirit of cultural exchange, it is also possible to support visits to Switzerland by local artists or beneficiary children and young people, particularly for performances or study purposes.

Tax exemption

The Plume association has been exempt from tax since the 2020 tax year. For you, this means that you can deduct the corresponding donation amount from your taxes with our tax receipt.

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