Sencirk, Dakar

How it began

Dagmar Cadonau read the article about Sencirk in the NZZ in October 2019. The journalist then gave us the contact details of Modou, the manager of the Sencirk. In February 2020, Lucas Cadonau traveled to Dakar to get to know the circus and clarify its needs.

The project

“Sencirk” was founded in Dakar by Modou Touré, a former street kid. To this day, Sencirk sees itself as a “social circus” that tries to give homeless children and young people self-confidence through acrobatics, juggling, tightrope walking and trapeze tricks. Great people do a great job here. In addition to an open circus school for everyone, there is, for example, a special course every Thursday evening for
Talibé children.
Young women affected by violence also meet once a week. However, Sencirk is also keen to be able to finance itself. They also offer vacation activities for children whose parents can pay for them.

Support from Plume

2020/21 major donation and material campaign “A container full of circus”. Gian Cadonau and Kurt Bucher traveled to Dakar in February 2021 to accompany the arrival of the container and support Sencirk in their circus work.

More information on the container campaign