Sirkhane Circus, Mardin in southern Turkey

How it began

In 2015, we received an email from Pinar Demiral asking for financial support for her circus project for Syrian refugee children in the camps on the Turkish-Syrian border.

The project

Until the Syrian war, 750,000 people lived in Mardin, now there are 250,000 more – refugees from Syria. They don’t want to get to Western Europe as quickly as possible, but would like nothing more than to return to Syria as soon as the situation allows. The school system is completely overwhelmed and the refugee camps, emergency accommodation in garages, condemned buildings and tents offer anything but an ideal environment for children to grow up in.

Support from Plume

In 2016, Lucas Cadonau traveled to Mardin with donations and suitcases full of costumes and materials.

Two years later, Kurt Bucher and Gian Cadonau from the Plume association went to Mardin again with costumes, materials and financial donations and stayed on site. For 10 days, they performed circus acts with the refugee children, performed clown tricks, helped where it made sense and simply gained a lot of experience. The trip was accompanied by Claudia Gschwend’s photography

Kurt Bucher and Gian Cadonau made another trip to Mardin in 2019. They were able to fulfill material requests and make monetary donations.

In 2020/21, we stayed in email contact with Pinar; they are also suffering from the coronavirus situation and are very happy to receive another donation.